I Highly Recommend your ATA Academy

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I would like to commend you and your staff for a great athletic, teaching and discipline, fun environment. Our grandson, Deshawyne Stewart has already shown large strides in discipline, self-confidence and caring for other people. That has “enhanced” what we teach and expect at our home. ATA keeps him physically and mentally active and alert. Both of these traits are extremely important in this hyper age of gadgets solely for the eyes. ATA has also introduced him to new young friends as well. I also would like to add that every one of the children are treated with discipline, firmness, fairness, and accountability equally. THAT is very crucial in my judgement. I highly recommend your ATA Academy to all parents and grandparents for these lessons to carry on for the rest of their lives. “GREAT JOB”

Sincerely, with high recommendations,

Bill and Lana Stutzman June 14, 2018