Self Defense Drill of the Week: Three Count Chop Drill

The Self Defense Drill of the Week this week is the Three Count Chop Drill. The edge of hand is one of the most parodied techniques in the martial arts. In movies, cartoons and comedy skits whenever a martial arts master is parodied they use this technique to elicit their laughs. As a result it has gotten a bad name or at least it has been ignored to focus on boxing as martial arts strikes. However, the edge of hand, properly executed is one of the most powerful and versatile strikes in the martial arts. You can strike from any angle on a 360 degree radius and the blade of the hand requires little conditioning to strike with power safely. Additionally you use all the cooperative muscles from the back to the back of the arm running all the way down to your hand. Engaging your body in the strike increases its power. Blitzing with this technique also affords repeated strikes from all angles to make this a blender like series of strikes. The drill presented HERE will help you build that neuro-muscular connection to make this blitz a convulsive and instinctive series of strikes. Get started with the Self Defense Training System after reviewing the video by selecting one of the programs available to you here:
Three Count Chop Drill

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