Multiple Attacker Scenario Drills in Self Defense

SDTS Cover 300x113 Multiple Attacker Scenario Drills in Self Defense

Multiple attacker scenario drills in traditional martial arts training are almost non-existent and yet are vital to your self defense arsenal. In self defense the worst case scenario has to be assumed always. Specifically that your attacker is committed to the attack, brutal, capable and armed. AND HE HAS FRIENDS. Sometimes the person confronting you is simply the distraction from the one who will initiate the physical attack. Awareness of your surroundings is critical. So is staying on your feet. BJJ/GJJ or MMA tactics that accept fighting on your back as a go to strategy ignores the multiple attacker scenario. Understand that you fight multiple attackers just as you fight single attackers. One at a time. But you have to have freedom to move. Analyzing multiple attacker street attacks I’ve noticed that particularly in the initial attack, the thugs attack one at a time. Even after the attack begins you rarely see simultaneous blows being delivered by the attackers regardless of proximity. It’s like three railroad workers hammering a railroad tie, each one takes their individual shot. The point is, just because there is more than one attacker does not mean it’s a forgone conclusion that you will lose. Train for the scenario. Go HERE for information and the best program for multiple attacker self defense training.


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